Larramona Ballarín, Gemma

Phone / Teléfono: 34-976-762-789-2

Professor in Departament of Economic Analisys of Zaragoza University

Research fields

  • Endogenous growth and optimal policies for growth
  • Economic integration

Some publications

  • Aísa, R., J. Cabeza, G. Larramona (2013). "Educationa and age at migration", forthcoming in Optimal Control, Applications and Method.
  • Clemente, J., G. Larramona, V. Montuenga (2013). "Scale and composition effects on Spanish regional migration", forthcoming in Applied Economic Letters.
  • Clemente, J. and Larramona, G. (2012). "Can a legalization program for inmigrants generate conflict among natives?", forthcoming en "Migration Impact Assessment", P. Nijkamp, M. Sahin and J.Poot, Editores. Edward Elgar.
  • Aísa, R.,  González,  M. and  Larramona, G. (2012). "Evidence on employment niches in tourism from an intra-regional approach", forthcoming in Tourism Economics.
  • Aísa, R. and Larramona, G. (2012). "Household water saving: evidence from Spain", forthcoming in Water Resources Research.
  • Aisa, R and G. Larramona (2012). "Illegal immigration from an economic point of view: a review". Forthcoming In Immigration: Policies, Challenges and Impact. Nova Science Publishers Ed., New York.

More information


  • Postal adress: Fac. de CC. Económicas y Empresariales Gran Vía, 2 [50005] Zaragoza (España)
  • Phone: +34 976 76
  • Fax: +34 976 761 996
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