Sanz Gracia, Fernando

Phone / Teléfono: 34-976-761-830

Professor in Departmen of Economic Analysis of Zaragoza University.

Reseach field

  • Regional and urban economics
  • Economic geography

 Some publications

  • Gonzaléz-Val R., L. Lanaspa and F. Sanz (2013),  "Gibrat's Law for Cities, Growth Regressions and Sample Size", Economics Letters, 118, pp. 367-369.
  • González-Val, R., Lanaspa, L. and Sanz, F. (2013). " New evidence on Gibrat's law for cities", forthcoming in Urban Studies.
  • Gonzáléz-Val, R., Ramos, A., Sanz, F. and Vera, M. (2013). "Size distribution for all cities: which one is best?", forthcoming in Papers in Regional Science.
  • Lanaspa, L, Olloqui, I. and Sanz, F. (2012). “Common trends and linkages in the US manufacturing sector, 1969-2000”,  International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 36(4), 1093-1111.
  • Domeque, N., Fillat, C. and Sanz, F. (2012).  "External economies as mechanism of agglomeration in EU manufacturing", Applied Economics, 44, 4421-4438.
  • Domeque Claver, N., Fillat Castejón, C. and Sanz Gracia, F. (2011).  "The home market effect in the Spanish industry, 1965–1995",  The Annals of Regional Science" Volume 46, Number 2, 379-396.

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